Garage Conversions in San Francisco Bay Area

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Expert Garage Conversions for Your San Francisco Bay Area Home

Claim additional space for you and your family by hiring the best garage conversion company in the Bay Area, Mission Home Remodeling.

Growing families and homeowners who love to entertain both require a lot of space. If you’re looking for ways to carve more living space out of your existing home, have you considered the garage? Read on to discover why a garage conversion in San Francisco could represent the solution you need to expand your living space.


Extraordinary Garage ADU Conversions in San Francisco Bay Area by Mission Home Remodeling

Explore your options before deciding on an addition to your home. Let’s discuss converted garages and compare them to accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

What Is a Garage Conversion?

A garage conversion turns your standard garage into a living space, creating an additional place to work or play. Converted garages add livable square footage to your home, increasing its fair market value and even providing an opportunity to generate rental income.

Some homeowners use their garage conversion as a mother-in-law suite or separate dwelling for overnight guests or short-term renters. Anyone who needs their own private living space will appreciate the presence of a converted garage.

Garage Conversions vs. ADUs

You may have heard about the rise of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in San Francisco. Despite several similarities between converted garages and ADUs, one significant distinction is that ADUs operate as self-contained homes. ADUs contain a living area, kitchen, and bathroom.

Depending on your local zoning laws, authorities may consider your garage conversion an ADU. One of the determining factors pertains to its primary use. Homeowners build ADUs so people can live in them. Converted garages often serve as game rooms, bars, and other types of gathering spaces but not necessarily as livable units.

In recent years, California law has evolved to permit the increased use of ADUs. Homeowners can take advantage of these changes to add significant value to their houses by creating ADUs that prove dynamic and functional.

In contrast, a true garage conversion contains no kitchen (and perhaps no bathroom) and does not serve as housing. However, it can add considerable square footage that you can use as a bonus room, gym, music studio, or playroom for the kids.

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Mission Home Remodeling: #1 San Francisco Garage Conversion Contractor

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Smart Design: We make efficient use of your limited space to maximize the value a garage conversion in San Francisco will add to your home. We also want your family to enjoy your new space for years to come!

Mission Home Remodeling Can Turn Your Garage Into a Living Space

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