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San Francisco’s Stunning Room Additions by Mission Home Remodeling

Accommodate your growing family by engaging San Francisco’s leading room additions company: Mission Home Remodeling. Explore your remodeling options and discover why our unparalleled customer service continues to impress homeowners in California.

Have you been thinking about adding on to your existing home or even moving to a larger home? Before you decide to give up your current, much-loved home and neighborhood, consider the feasibility of expanding on your current lot. Depending on the layout and available property space, you can either extend your home outward or upward. Mission Home Remodeling is also known to be the best commercial remodeling company in San Francisco and so we can also work on your business premise remodels.

The Modern Room Addition Your Daly City Home Needs

Room additions become necessary as the number of occupants within a home increases. However, the extra space may also serve other, multiple purposes. Homeowners choose room additions for various reasons. Aside from a growing family, other reasons include:

  • Providing guest accommodations
  • Adding a recreational area
  • Setting up a home office
  • Creating a more comfortable living space
  • Increasing a home’s fair market value prior to sale

Planning a room addition requires a broad knowledge base and considerable experience. At Mission Home Remodeling, our room additions team can build you the most desirable add-ons for your home, integrating the new room into the existing structure’s architectural style. Read on to discover some of the most popular types of room additions in the Bay Area.

Full Additions

The most common type of room addition involves building a whole new room. You can set up a bedroom, living room, or bathroom with all new furnishings. Full additions require construction permits, sizable budgets, and longer completion times.


You can add extra square footage to a strategic part of your home with a bump-out. Bump-outs extend existing rooms, often to accommodate kitchen or bathroom appliances or furniture. They can also serve as individual rooms. Construction costs may vary depending on the bump-outs size and location.


Converting a storage space like a garage or an attic into a new living area opens up many new possibilities. Conversions make excellent room additions because they provide valuable square footage without creating a new structure. Instead, an expert contractor will modify your unused space.

Sunrooms or Screen Porches

A sunroom provides an excellent recreational space. It relies on natural light with no heating or cooling system. The cost for building this type of addition depends on construction materials.

Should You Build Up or Out?

Building upward requires space for a staircase but does not need an additional foundation. Building outward translates to ground-level additions that occupy a portion of your yard. Most homeowners with sufficient yard space prefer building out. However, you can consult with our expert builders at Mission Home Remodeling for guidance.

Historic Downtown Belmont

The Best Room Addition Contractor in San Francisco Bay Area

Our skilled workers specialize in carpentry, engineering, and construction works. You can book expert consultations to get a free estimate of costs. The average budget for home expansion requires an investment of at least $40,000. Room additions range between $15,000 and $150,000, depending on the type of building.

Factors that determine the price of a room addition include:

  • Room size
  • Building materials
  • Labor
  • Taxes
  • Existing infrastructure

Average costs for a room addition range between $86 and $208 per square foot. Construction elements that can affect your budget include:

  • Doors and windows
  • Roofing and flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation
  • Painting
  • Electrical wiring

Mission Home Remodeling: San Francisco’s Room Additions Company With Premier Service

Our professionals at Mission Home Remodeling deliver top-quality room additions and provide clients with advanced blueprints before starting any work. Our in-house designers incorporate the new addition into your home’s current design. Further, we specialize in both vertical and horizontal room additions.

Call us at Mission Home Remodeling today! Rather than searching for a bigger house, consider enlarging your existing home by choosing our room additions company in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.